How did you get involved with Weird Town and Date Kate?

One fateful day in late 2018, I decided to finally take the plunge and sign-up for an improv course at Second City, little did I know that I would be “Yes and-ing” myself all the way to Weird Town!

A lot of us Weird Town citizens met in Level A improv at Second City and became friends over post-class pizza. Soon after, we were signing-up for levels B though E and our friendship kept growing and snowballing in other improv friends along the way. Apparently a weekly 3-hour class spent imagining with other people just wasn’t enough, so we started doing projects of our own!

It started with Emily Milling, super creative catalyst person, who asked us to be in a web-series project she was working on called “Performance Anxiety”. I play Kate, a hopeless romantic, in the “Date Kate” series. It was awesome to play such a fun character, work with a great creative team and to finally have the chance to become the YouTube sensation I had always dreamed of haha 😛

Now we have other projects coming up, that I’m totally excited for, including a podcast, another comedy series, and live shows in Toronto.

Who is your character in Date Kate?

I play Kate, a hopeless romantic just trying to find true love amidst a wasteland of awkward romantic encounters. Kate tries her best, sometimes a little too hard, to connect with potential matches. She’s enthusiastic and hopeful but can come on a little strong. Will she find love? You will have to watch and find out!

Do you get performance anxiety? If so how do you deal with it?

I love performing, the stage feels like home to me! Having said that, my anxiety usually manifests before auditions when I have too much time to over-think everything. Luckily, I have a great husband and loving family and friends who talk me down and remind me of all the cool things I’ve accomplished before and all the work I’ve put into preparing. It’s strange, once I get onstage, my nerves usually melt-away and I can get in the zone.

I think the best way to deal with performance anxiety is preparation and practice, that way nervous can take a hike while muscle memory takes over. The more you perform, the better you become and the more you trust yourself. As a performer, just remember that the audience wants you to succeed and enjoy yourself because then they can enjoy the show too! Most importantly, allow yourself to be human and give yourself credit, getting on stage takes courage!

How do you prepare and get into character?

I listen to music and dance around to pump myself up before a show! Lately, I’ve been listening to Lizzo and Arkells.

If your character was trying to help you get over performance anxiety, what advice would they give?

Just remember that no one really knows what they’re doing! Haha, it’s true! We are all just trying our best so be kind to yourself and others. Perusing any type of goal, creative or otherwise, takes courage. Put the work in and keep going, before you know it you’ll be achieving the things you once dreamed of!

Plug your stuff! What else do you do? What are the links people can find you at?

I also perform with a wildly talented musical improv troupe called “Songbuster”. We perform a fully improvised musical every 3rd Thursday of the month at 9:30 at Bad Dog Theatre! Come check us out, it’s very funny!

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