On September 4, 2019, a group of Weirdonians got together to put on a SOLD OUT SHOW of comedy delights!

Produced by Jo Anne Tacorda
Musical Director Wes Grover
Performed At The Social Capital Theatre

Special Thanks: Justin Decloux, Ed Sahely

Cast (in order of appearance)

Jo Anne Tacorda
Ryan Riddell
John Budreski
Emily Milling
Alicia Carrick
Sam Sexton
Brian Archdekin
Liz Myers
Anushka Lobo
Anyka Davis
Justin Subryan
Matt Cheung
Matt Ardill

Set List:
00:00 – Welcome (Jo Anne Tacorda, Ryan Ridell)
00:48 – Musical Critic (Improv Game – Ryan Riddell, John Budreski, Jo Anne Tacorda, Emily Milling, Alicia Carrick)
06:23 – Kyle’s a Monster (Sketch by Liz Myers – Sam Sexton, Brian Archdekin, Liz Myers, Alicia Carrick)
11:00 – Doorbell Salesman (Sketch by Anyka Davis – Anushka Lobo, Anyka Davis)
16:15 – Justin Subryan Stand Up Set
20:40 – Line Recycle (Improv Game – Emily Milling, John Budreski, Brian Archdekin, Sam Sexton, Matt Cheung, Ryan Riddell)
27:05 – Supportive Tom (Sketch by John Budreski – Jo Anne Tacorda, John Budreski, Anushka Lobo, Matt Ardill, Anyka Davis)
29:45 – Liz Myers Stand Up Set
35:30 – Armando Improv Set (Matt Ardill, Anushka Lobo, Matt Cheung, Alicia Carrick, Sam Sexton, Ryan Riddell, Justin Subryan)
45:30 – Happy Birthday Ryan! (Full Cast)

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