Get ready to watch a bunch of weirdos play with a bunch of martians, Weird Town is opening for Citizens of Mars on October 4!

The Sketchfest 2020 applications are COMIN’ IN HOT and we’re writing like crazy to put together our demo reel! But where would we film more material? How would we gather an audience in just a few short weeks? Lucky for us, we have friends in high places. Like, out of this world places.

Enter The Citizens of Mars, the Second City Training Centre’s Writing 6 class who take over the John Candy Box theatre every Friday night, for Friday Night Sketch! You may have seen a couple of us weirdos in previous Friday Night Sketch Nights (John and Emily) or maybe you haven’t! Either way we’re prepping brand new material for this magnificent night and you should probably come out and see what we’re working on!

We also had a chance to play with these guys on September 20 and saw some of the super slick material they’re working on for their Sketchfest application. Can we just say how much we love it? ‘Cause we do.

The thing we love most about Citizens of Mars is how nice they are. Yeah, we could also say they’re the funniest people on planet Mars, but also, this troupe is like the Dave Grohl of the Toronto sketch scene. NICEST TROUPE IN SKETCH—biz.

You need tickets? You can get ’em here! Or, get them at the door, only $5! PLUS, they serve beer and wine and M&Ms! M&Ms YOU GUYS.

If you haven’t been convinced of this magical night yet, let us wrap up with this little golden nugget. If you come out, you will laugh. And don’t you deserve more laughter in your life? We certainly think you do!

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