Over the last two (three?) weeks, the Weird Town Comedy troupe have been working their butts off to apply for the 2020 Sketchfest Toronto Festival. This was no small feat! We pitched! We wrote! We revised! We rehearsed! We rehearsed again! We filmed a rehearsal! We performed! We rehearsed even more! And finally we had the chance to perform in the Sketchfest Showcase at Comedy Bar!

It was very dramatic. Because we’re thespians, you see.

For real though, we took our super duper improv background and turned ourselves into a sketch troupe in a matter of weeks! Totally bonkers! And we learned so much along the way! Like, “Stop messaging everyone at all hours of the day because they’re trying to live their lives, Emily!” Hahaha, very charming indeed.

We put together a solid show at the JCB on October 4 (thanks Citizens of Mars for the invite!) and then headed to Comedy Bar on October 9 for the Showcase! So much talent in this city! We’re so lucky to be surrounded by it!

Here are a few of our favourites from our Sketchfest application!

Internet Opinion – Written by Anyka Davis
Alternative Option Blackouts – Written by Emily Milling
Can’t Brush Me Off – Written by John Budreski
Millennial Plant Mom – Written by John Budreski
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